About us

Alpinia is a company that combines experience with more than 20 years of experience within international companies of the TIC environment, with the creativity and the high capabilities on new graduates, to offer innovative and quality solutions to our clients.

Why Alpinia?


The analysis, understanding, vision and experience provided by the knowledge, and complemented by the skills, abilities and aptitudes that are part of the talent allow us to create quality software

Innovation & Talent

We have a collaboration agreement with the University of Castilla La Mancha to promote the transfer of talent and the development of research activities, training, sharing and scientific knowledge transfer on new technologies

Advanced environment

Our technologic proposition combine eficiently clasic and emerging architectures. Our projects are based on our onw methodological approach supported by agile principles, using market leader tools that guarantee the quality of our Solutions


We promote a customer-oriented culture based on a direct and close relationship. We believe in a constant and dedicated communication, under the principles of transparency, flexibility and ethical behavior

All this is oriented to our final commitment with the client that is to guarantee the quality of our Solutions

Healthy Company

Alpinia is committed to people and society

With people, adopting a culture, climate and practices that create an environment where the health and well-being of everyone is promoted.
With society, through our participation in socially responsible actions

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We are passionate about technology

Do you know how to work in a startup?

Do you want to work with the latest technologies?

Are you motivated by direct contact with clients?

Are you interested in agile methodologies?

Do you value that your ideas can be carried out?

Do you aspire to have a versatile profile?

Are you attracted to new challenges?

Do you keep yourself in a state of learning?

Jobs offers

Junior Software Engineer

Advanced Software Engineer

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Where are we?

Our headquarters

  • CEEI Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Ciudad Real
    c/ Pedro Muñoz 1
    13005 Ciudad Real